by University of Missouri

Registry for Access to MU Agriculture Research Sites Is Open for Permit Registration

Birders are being offered renewal of the privilege of birding on several University of Missouri agricultural research sites in central Missouri. The Missouri Birding Society (MBS), with the approval of MU administrators, has developed a registry system for birders wishing to access properties including Bradford Research Farm, South Farm Headquarters Area, the Beef Research and Teaching Farm, and Baskett Forest (also known as Ashland Research Area and Baskett Wildlife Research and Education Center).

MU Agriculture Research Sites/Permit registration is free and open to all birders, whether MBS members or not. Applicants who agree to adhere to the rules set by the University are mailed a numbered hangtag permit that must be displayed while on the properties. The tags of MBS members have the MBS logo affixed.

You may get to the registration site either by using the link above or by going to the drop-down menu under “Birding Locations” on the MBS Home Page ( and clicking on “MU Agriculture Research Sites/Permits.” Either way, you must then login to register for the permit.

Click the blue “Login” button. If you do not already have a login, click the blue “Create Account” button in the upper left corner of the page and follow the directions to create an account. You do not need to be an MBS member to create an account.

Once logged in, to register on the permit form, check that your mailing address and email are accurate. After reading the rules, check the box indicating you will abide by them, then type your name in the box provided to create an electronic signature. Click the blue “Submit” button to complete your application.

You will receive an email confirming your registration and your tag number. Your hangtag will be mailed to the address you provided, and you may access the sites the day you receive your tag. Be sure to display it!

There is a QR Code on the hangtag. Scanning it with a mobile device will access the registration site. Point the camera at the QR Code on the hangtag then tap on the prompt that appears on the screen. You may use this while in the field to see the sites covered by the tag permit, with maps showing locations and designated parking locations if applicable.

One additional use for the QR Code: If you encounter a birder at one of these sites without a hangtag, tell them of the hangtag permit requirement and encourage them to register on the spot by pointing their phone to your tag’s QR Code. The “MU Agriculture Research Sites/Permits” prompt will appear. The birder can tap the screen to access the permit site, login, then tap on “Register” and fill in the application.

Changes have been made to some eBird hotspot names to be consistent with the University site names. These changes are automatic and are already in your eBird locations list–you don’t need to change anything:

  • Ashland Wildlife Research Area is now Baskett Forest
  • Bradford Farm is now Bradford Research Farm
  • South Farm–University of Missouri Beef Teaching Farm is now Beef Teaching and Research Farm (South Farm designation has been eliminated)
  • South Farm–Headquarters Area remains the same
  • Dairy Farm Lake #1 is now Foremost Dairy Farm Lake #1
  • Dairy Farm Lake #3 is now Foremost Dairy Farm Lake #3
  • Turkey Farm Lake is now Rocheford Turkey Research Farm

Bradford Farm–Vemers Ford Rd. is now simply Vemers Ford Rd. as it is not within the farm. A hangtag is not needed for this hotspot.

Future access to the sites is dependent on displaying the hangtags and on the behavior of birders. Obey the speed limit and stay out of the fields!