by Lottie Bushmann

Songbird Station, a longtime Columbia Audubon corporate partner, has announced that it will donate 5% of seasonal and holiday décor and collectible purchases made between Nov. 1 and Dec. 25, 2022, to either Columbia Audubon Society or Mobility Worldwide. Customers must request the donation and designate the charity at the time of purchase. Songbird Station has an expanding gift department and offers Cobane wild bird ornaments, the most realistic available.
Songbird Station owner Mel Toellner said this is “just our way of saying thanks to two organizations that we believe in and do our best to support.”
And … Next Time You Visit Songbird Station,
Bring Your Empty, Clean Plastic Milk Jugs
Columbia Audubon members can help another great cause just by bringing their empty, clean plastic milk jugs to Songbird Station. The store, located at 2010 Chapel Plaza Ct. in Columbia, will serve as a collection point for the milk jugs, which are used by the local Mobility Worldwide affiliate in packing PET (Personal Energy Transportation) Carts. Mobility Worldwide provides individuals with hand-cranked mobility vehicles that allow them to go where ordinary wheelchairs won’t go. People in 106 countries have received the vehicles free of charge since 1994.
Both gallon and half-gallon plastic jugs can be used, including those used for milk and water. Just make sure they’re thoroughly rinsed, clean and dry with the cap on. They help fill in corner gaps and keep the partially disassembled cart in place during transit. Once unloaded overseas, locals use the clean jugs to carry and store water.
Songbird Station owner Mel Toellner has served on the board of the Mobility Worldwide Columbia affiliate workshop and is now a member of the organization’s national board of trustees.