OCTOBER 18, 2017

President Hillman called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.

Present were Laura Hillman, John Besser, Kris Hagglund, Lori Hagglund, Eric Seaman, Eric Reuter, Lottie Bushmann, and Eric Wood.

The minutes from the August 16, 2017 and September 20, 2017 board meetings were reviewed.

Motion by Kris H:

Move that the minutes of the August 2017 board meeting be approved as written. Seconded by Eric W and passed without dissent.

Motion by Kris H:

Move that the minutes of the September 2017 board meeting be approved as written. Seconded by Eric W and passed without dissent.

Treasurer’s Report:

The most recent accounting of the Society’s finances reveals solid investment growth and a robust balance sheet. Future discussion is planned regarding possible uses for a portion of these funds.

Motion by Lottie B:

Move that the Treasurer’s report be accepted as provided. Seconded by John B and approved without dissent.

CoMo Gives Report:

Kris H reported that the committee has set a goal for this year of $7500 in donations, which would be an increase from $5300 in 2016 and $4000 in 2015. It is also hoped that both the number of donations and their average amount will rise.

It was reaffirmed that continued participation in this program is valuable to the Society given that the cost of participation is low ($100) and the Society benefits from the public exposure. Details regarding premiums for donations, thank-you protocols, and possible corporate sponsorship are still being worked out.

Future Meeting Plans:

The November meeting will be held on Wednesday the 15th, and will be a forum for member sharing of birding experiences. The November 1st CHAT will include information on how members may sign up to participate. John B has scheduled Missouri state ornithologist Sarah Kendrick to speak at the January meeting. A book-club–style meeting is planned for February and will be hosted by Eric R. In a future issue of the CHAT, he will solicit ideas for books to be discussed. A live falconry presentation is being explored as a possibility for a spring meeting.

Lottie B reported that the Audubon Society of Missouri (ASM) plans to host its Fall 2018 meeting at Arrow Rock, Missouri. Given the proximity of this site to Columbia, she suggested that CAS might collaborate with ASM to host a notable guest speaker for both groups in September 2018. This possibility met with approval, and will be explored.

Christmas Bird Count:

The Society’s Christmas Bird Count will be held on December 16, 2017 and will be followed by a chili supper and count summation that evening. Sarah Kendrick requested details regarding the count plans in order to post them on the national website, and Laura H will provide these to her.

Website and CHAT:

Work on the Society’s new website is complete. The site is sharper, cleaner, and easier to navigate. Information will be posted to the site as soon as it becomes available, and a compilation of this content will be sent to Society members as an HTML newsletter (i.e., the CHAT) each month.

Nature Areas Report:

John B and Bill M will mark out a trail with string trimmers through the prairie portions of the Columbia Audubon and Bonnie View Nature Sanctuaries, and the City of Columbia will then carve out the trail with brush hogs. After that, this trail will be maintained as part of the Society’s usual mowing schedule. This will increase visitor access to and study/appreciation of the prairie reconstruction project.

Field Trip Report:

Three field trips are scheduled for next month. Brad Jacobs approached Eric W regarding the possibility of constructing an open viewing stand with ADA access at Pool 14 at Eagle Bluffs Conservation Area. Eric W will discuss this with the director of the area, Clayton Light, and report back to the board.


Lottie B reported that her second “Birdwise” program at the Daniel Boone Regional Library in Columbia on October 15th was attended by 11 children. Both the participants and the library staff were pleased with the session, and she has been asked to conduct three more programs in Spring 2018. The possibility of a similar program for adults to be held next summer is also in the planning stages.

Thus far, the Society has received one application for the scholarship to Hog Island in Summer 2018.

Motion by Lottie B:

Move that the meeting be adjourned at 7:10. Seconded by Eric W and passed without dissent.