by Lori Turner, CAS President

Sarah Kendrick, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) and Midwest Motus Coordinator, has teamed up with SELVA, a non-profit conservation group dedicated to studying and learning more about migration in Colombia, to start a 2-year long research project that needs our help.  SELVA will be Motus radio-tagging Cerulean Warblers (CERWs) on their wintering grounds in Colombia.  Using the Motus stations in their area, SELVA will be able to track CERW’s movements and survival on the wintering grounds where there is little reliable data.  CERW are a Species of Conservation Concern and to bridge the knowledge gap between wintering and breeding grounds could be the start of putting the migratory bird puzzle together for all neotropical passerines and bird species.

The CAS board approved to donate up to $4500 but we need your help making this goal.  For every dollar you donate, CAS will give a dollar.  We believe between all of us we can make the $4500 goal.

The deadline to donate is August 26th.  Please join us in donating to this monumental project. By clicking on the donate button above, type ‘SELVA Project’ in the donation info box so we know where the donation is intended to go.