by Conservation Federation of Missouri

Recovering America’s Wildlife Act is nearing the finish line! It would provide $1.4 billion a year to states and Tribes to prevent wildlife from becoming endangered in every corner of the country, including roughly $21 million to Missouri. It has support from Democrats and Republicans, and it just passed the House of Representatives because people who care about our native Missouri plants and animals stood up and took action. Now, it has to pass the Senate, so we are still needed! Please follow the link below to urge your senators to VOTE YES on Recovering America’s Wildlife Act!

The passing of RAWA would be instrumental in protecting species of conservation concern throughout North America. This would include $21 million directly to Missouri in order to help 603 endangered, threatened, and vulnerable species within the state, including Hellbenders, Pallid Sturgeons, and Northern Bobwhite Quail. This preventative investment will help prevent further population decrease and possible extinction of the species that Missourians love. We are proud to have Senator Roy Blunt as the original Cosponsor of RAWA, a testament to Missouri’s long history of conservation. However, Missourians still need to contact their representatives to encourage them to bring RAWA to the floor and vote to pass this revolutionary bill.

Contact your representatives today at: