by Brooke Widmar, Conservation Committee Chair

Lights Out Campaign and other updates!

May Conservation Updates:

We’re in the final stretch of the 2021 Missouri legislative session – only 4 weeks left! That is plenty of time for great conservation successes like the Prescribed Burning Act (HB 369 and SB 301) to be passed, but damaging bills can still make it through, like HJR 55 (highlighted in last month’s newsletter). It’s time for all of us to keep a close watch on bills, and contact our legislators to give them a birders perspective on conservation-related legislation. If you haven’t signed up yet, please join the Conservation Federation of Missouri’s Legislative Action Center to keep on top of important bills:

May is also an exciting time for birders because of the ongoing spring migrations! To make sure these bird populations are strong for years to come, we can all take steps to reduce light pollution, and make the midwest a safe pathway for these migrating birds. Make sure to turn your #LightsOut this month, and spread the word through a multi-state collaborative, Lights Out Heartland. Learn more at