by Lori Turner, President

Our January Membership meeting was on the 17th. We had 15 members attend the presentation put on by local Biologist, Ben West, who works for USGS here in Columbia. His research focuses on the effects of oil spills on migratory birds and he gave a great presentation on which birds were most affected by the 2 biggest oil spills in North America – Exxon-Valdez and Deepwater Horizon. This presentation couldn’t be recorded due to it being US Government research.

Please join us for our next presentation, on February 21st by “The Owl Man”, Mark H.X. Glenshaw, who will give us tips on how to find owls in our neighborhoods or even in our own backyard!

All of our membership meetings are now at 1413 Rangeline St, in Boone Electric’s Community Building.

We hope to see you there!