by Lori Turner, CAS President

Happy February! I hope everyone got some good New Year birding in. I’ve been quite content watching birds from the comfort of a chair inside my house. It can be difficult finding time to go birding and I find myself putting it on the bottom of the list. For our January Membership meeting we had a great Zoom presentation by Bridget Butler titled, “Slow Birding.” She talked to us about a different approach to birding that anyone can do – young or older, new or seasoned birders – and that is to slow down, stop counting and watch. Watch how the birds interact with each other and their environment. It is a simple concept that I absolutely love. Find that cozy spot in your back yard and take observance to all that is happening around you. I can’t think of a better way to wind down after a long work week. I encourage everyone to visit her website at I think we can all benefit from a little slow birding.