by Joanna Reuter, editor

From the editor

This issue of The Chat comes after the annual Columbia Audubon Society (CAS) Band with Nature program gave around 1,350 students an opportunity to be inspired about birds and nature; these 2nd graders are from 69 classrooms representing 19 schools. In this issue, the two Columbia teachers who attended Hog Island Audubon Camp tell their story; both expressed strong enthusiasm about the program and how the experience will help them teach about birds and nature. Programs such as Band with Nature and the Hog Island scholarship require volunteer time to coordinate and money to implement. Thus, the first announcement of the 2019 annual CoMoGives fundraising drive also occurs in this issue. Contributions of any size are welcome and appreciated. Donations are accepted beginning December 1, but pledges can be made now. CoMoGives focuses on financial support, but an organization such as CAS is also entirely reliant on volunteer efforts. Volunteering could be as simple as leading a field trip (you don’t have to be the one to identify all the birds) or contributing a note about an interesting bird or nature sighting to The Chat. It could be as involved as taking on the still-vacant role of Conservation Chair in a time when community action matters for the future of bird populations and climate. One way or another, the more involved CAS members are, the more we can achieve together in our community.

Brief notes

  • The City of Columbia is implementing a plan to enhance native plantings for monarch butterflies and other species. The establishment of deep-rooted native plants has many environmental benefits, such as providing habitat for insects, sequestering carbon in the soil, reducing storm-water runoff, and reducing fuel used for mowing. I’m personally excited because native flowers will enhance the appearance of a corridor that I travel often. Check out the Roadside Pollinator Program website to learn more; comments are accepted at the bottom of the page.
  • Firearms deer season is coming up in Missouri. The dates include Nov 2-3 (youth firearms), Nov 16-26 (firearms), Nov 29-Dec 1 (youth firearms), Dec 6-8 (antlerless), and Dec 28-Jan 7 (alternative methods firearms). Archery season continues through Jan 15. MDC has full details. Choose your outdoor activities accordingly during this period and wear hunter orange when appropriate.

October board meeting unofficial summary

Official meeting minutes will be posted to the website after approval at each subsequent board meeting. Below are brief notes about some topics discussed on October 16, 2019. Please contact a board member with any questions.

  • Wild Haven shelter: replacement options
  • CoMoGives: planning continues
  • Band with Nature: 69 classrooms from 19 schools participated
  • Report from attendees of Conservation Federation of Missouri Affiliate Summit
  • CAS conservation chair position remains vacant
  • Prospective new board member in attendance at meeting
  • Report from Missouri River Bird Observatory representatives who attended National Audubon Convention
  • Report from a visit to a property whose owner is seeking a conservation easement
  • Liability insurance for field trips
  • Hog Island scholarships for 2020

Supporting CAS

Carrying out our mission through education, conservation, and outreach takes a wide variety of resources, from the valued time of dedicated volunteers to the financial support of members and donors. We welcome and appreciate all participants and supporters of our work through their generous donations of time, money, or other resources.

Submitting material to The Chat

The Chat is published online on the first of every month from September through May. Submissions are welcome, including photographs, stories, and brief notes about bird or nature observations. Please contact News Editor Joanna Reuter with submissions, feedback, or suggestions for content. The submission deadline is the 25th of each month.