The Columbia Audubon Society was organized in 1958 and serves six mid-Missouri counties: Audrain, Boone, Cooper, Howard, Monroe, and Randolph. Our mission is to preserve the natural world and its ecosystems focusing on birds, other wildlife, and the earth’s biological diversity through education, environmental study and habitat restoration and protection.

Elected Board


President: Lori Turner*
Vice-President: Judy Lincoln*
Secretary: Louise Flennor*
Treasurer: Eric Seaman*
Past President: Jim Gast*


Director (term ending 2024): Greg Leonard*
Director (term ending 2025): Reed Gerdes*
Director (term ending 2026): Eric Wood*

Standing Committees and Chairs


Chair: Shelby Thomas*


Chair: Allison Vaughn*
News Editor: Allison Vaughn.
Website & Email: Doug Miller.
Social Media: Kevin Wehner


Co-chairs (sharing 1 vote): Lisa Schenker* and Lottie Bushmann*


Chair: Vacant*

Field Trips

Co-coordinators: Eric Reuter and Joanna Reuter

Nature Areas

Chair: John Besser*
Wild Haven Nature Area: David Neely.
Columbia Audubon Nature Sanctuary: Bill Mees.
Albert Children’s Wildlife Area: Vacant

Bird Counts

Co-chairs: Lottie Bushmann and Allison Vaughn
*Has voting rights on the Board.

Other Contacts

Scouting/Service Projects: Bill Mees
MoBCI Representative: Bill Mees


(Updated September 19, 2021)


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