We’ll walk about 1.5 miles along the level Katy Trail (from McBaine), with the option to then hike into the steeper terrain of Schnabel Woods Natural Area with its beautiful old-growth forest, where the especially tall trees may give your neck a workout. Those who wish to stay on the rail trail are welcome to do so. We’ll be looking and listening for warblers, tanagers, thrushes, vireos, and more during the time of year that is typically near the peak songbird migration. Habitat along the route includes bottomland forest, upland forest, the banks of Perche Creek, and a little bit of wetland. All skill levels welcome!

Meet at the McBaine trailhead (map) at 7:30 a.m. (sunrise is 6:05 a.m.) Round trip walking distance of about 3 miles on the level Katy Trail, plus (optional) up to 1 mile round trip of more rugged hiking in Schnabel Woods. We expect to finish no later than noon.

Contact trip leaders Eric & Joanna Reuter with questions, cherthollow@gmail.com or 573-474-0989 (in advance of the trip).