This “field trip” is timed to coincide with the peak southbound migration of Broad-winged Hawks, sometimes seen in groups numbering in the hundreds or even thousands as they pass through Missouri (see this recent Chat story for details). Our region lacks clear topographic features that would concentrate their movements, so we’ll take a different approach: go to a place with a good sky view and watch.

Join us for Hawk Watch Happy Hour at the new open-air rooftop bar Pressed, overlooking the Boone County courthouse, which offers sweeping views to the north, west, and south across Columbia and the surrounding area. We’ll relax and socialize while keeping an eye on the skies for whatever might pass by. As with any field trip, there’s no guarantee we’ll see the birds we’re looking for, but it’s a great setting to try.

There’s no cost to attend, other than food/drink you might purchase. Pressed offers an appetizer menu and a full bar, including some interesting non-alcoholic options. If you know you’re coming, consider writing Eric Reuter so we can give the bar some estimation of possible attendance, though no RSVP is required and you’re welcome to come and go as you please.

To reach Pressed, enter the building on the west side (facing the courthouse) and take the elevator to the Penthouse (P) floor, then head outside and look for birders.