Join CAS at our annual monthly meeting for a presentation by Brad Jacobs. Please note that this meeting is being held on the second Wednesday of November, not the usual third Wednesday, due to the Thanksgiving holiday.

Raptors hold a special place in the world of scientists, birders, falconers, kings, and the general public. This presentation will introduce you to raptors and will briefly overview all the diurnal (daytime) raptors of Missouri with a more detailed review of identifying characteristics that will help bird-watchers with several difficult-to-distinguish raptors. For example, Sharp-shinned and Cooper’s Hawks, Ferruginous and Rough-legged Hawks, immature Broad-winged and Red-shouldered Hawks, Prairie and Peregrine Falcon, and Golden and Bald Eagles are frequently mis-identified, but there are some easy-to-learn ways to tell them apart. We’ll have an interactive approach with the audience as we try to tease apart the visual, auditory, and behavioral identifiers for this group of species. In addition, we’ll discuss how they survive and why we should enjoy them more and hate them not at all.

Meeting begins at 7:00 p.m. at the Unitarian Universalist Church, 2615 Shepard Blvd., with social time following.