by Lori Turner, President

We had our first meeting at our new location on October 19th. I received some feedback from those who could attend. Sounds like we need to invest in a microphone and some speakers. I’ll be working on that so that we have it set up for November’s meeting which is on THURSDAY the 16th.
You’ve probably noticed that these meetings are scheduled on Thursdays. Unfortunately, by the time we settled on a new location for our meetings, the 3rd Wednesdays were already taken. 2024’s schedule will be open on January 1 so we should be able to get back to the 3rd Wednesday everyone is used to.
October’s presentation was by Edge Wade and she took us through her journey of finding 375 bird species in Missouri. If you missed it or would like to see it again, we have posted it on our YouTube channel, here’s the link:
November’s presentation will be by Bill Palmer and how to use trail and trap cameras to get pictures of animals on your property while you’re away from home. We hope to see you there!