by Bill Mees, Nature Areas Committee

Spring is finally here and the number of nice days is increasing.  Migration is almost here too, just ask the Eastern Phoebes who are already here fly catching.  But all property owners, whether birders or not, know it’s time to start spiffing up the yard and planning the garden.  This is true for Columbia Audubon Society too since CAS is the owner of property in need of some spiffing up.

It was 8:30 a.m. Monday morning and 11 cubic yards of mulch had just arrived.  Let the spiffing begin.

This was the scene at Columbia Audubon Nature Sanctuary on March 21st.  A huge pile of mulch, destined to be spread on the muddy and sometimes soupy trail leading from the parking lot to the information kiosk.  The equipment was ready: 2 wheel barrows, multiple rakes and shovels, and a broom.  The only thing missing was someone to put the tools into motion.

That’s when David Bedan, Jan and Bill Mees, and Barry Stuart swung into action, loading and dumping mulch filled wheel barrows and spreading the contents.  Many walkers on the Scott’s Branch Trail stopped to express their appreciation for CAS.  One person in particular, Chris Mezines who was walking the trail stopped to talk and went on her way.  Thirty minutes passed and Chris drives back with shovel and rake in hand to add her efforts to the project!!  Who ever saw that before?  A special shout out of thanks for Chris.

In the interim, Linda Stuart a Dublin Road resident, stopped by to discuss the two demonstration plots next to the CANS parking lot.  Linda and husband Barry, an afore mentioned mulch spreader, are going to revitalize the demonstration plots.  They are Master Naturalists which helps solidify their bona fides for nature and prairies.

The next time you visit CANS be sure to enjoy the improved trail and the revitalized demonstration plots and thank a volunteer when you next see them.