Join us for Mark Glenshaw’s presentation on how to find owls in your yard.

Do you ever see or hear an owl in your neighborhood and want to experience more of these beautiful birds?  Well, award-winning naturalist Mark H.X. Glenshaw aka “The Owl Man” is here to help.  Mark has studied Great Horned Owls in Missouri since 2005. He gives dozens of lectures on the owls all over Missouri and Illinois and leads scores of owl prowls each year.  In addition to this, he helps people find owls in their neighborhoods whether in subdivisions, city neighborhoods, pocket parks or large public parks.  Mark’s talk will show which owls you are most likely to see or hear, where to look for them, how to look for them in a safe and ethical manner, what to listen for, and the importance of research and collaboration. To learn more about Mark, visit his website at