FEBRUARY 21, 2018

President Hillman called the meeting to order at 6 p.m.

Present were Laura Hillman, Nancy Bedan, Lori Hagglund, Bill Mees, Allison Vaughn, Doug Miller, John Besser, Lori Turner, and Kris Hagglund.

Society Minutes:

The minutes from the meeting of January 17, 2018 were reviewed.

Motion by John B:

Move that the minutes be approved as written. Seconded by Doug M and passed without dissent.

Treasurer’s Report:

The most recent report was reviewed.

Motion by Kris H:

Move that the treasurer’s report be approved. Seconded by John B and passed without dissent.


John B reported that a gate put up by Eric S at Wild Haven was broken almost immediately by vandals. The damage was limited to the gate itself, as nothing else remains on the property that can be stolen or damaged. The May 2018 picnic is planned at the site, and a workday will be scheduled to clean up the area in advance of this event.

Nancy B questioned whether there might be anyone near the property who would be interested in using and/or helping to maintain it. John B reported that a couple of neighbors currently keep a sort of eye on it. Laura H proposed scheduling an open house at Wild Haven in the future to raise its profile among both members of CAS and the community at large.

Bill M reported progress toward the planned removal of unwanted cedars from the Columbia Audubon Nature Sanctuary in preparation for the next phase of prairie restoration at the site. He obtained bids from two tree removal firms: one for $3500 from Bart Menning and one for $3950 from Arthur Ratliff Tree & Stump Removal. He plans to obtain a third bid from Nelson Tree Removal.

Motion by John B:

Move that Bill M be authorized to contract for completion of this work at an amount not to exceed $4000. Seconded by Kris H and approved by voice vote.

CAS Programs:

John B reported that the book club—style meeting scheduled for February was canceled due to inclement weather and has been rescheduled for Wednesday, March 21, 2018 at the Daniel Boone Regional Library. He is arranging for the Domkes to give a presentation about their property, Prairie Garden Trust, perhaps in April, which could be followed by a field trip to the property soon after. He is also considering an event for beginning birders sometime this spring, such as a bird walk at a local site.

Migratory Bird Count:

Count organizer Laura H will be out of the country on the day of the count. She will gather the relevant materials, such as maps and checklists, ahead of time, and Allison V will organize the count day and receive the data.

Board Nominating Committee:

Laura H reported that the positions of President, Vice-President, Secretary, and one Board Member-at-Large will be vacated in May 2018. The nomination of potential replacements is now open to all interested Society members.

Old Business:

No students have yet been recruited for CAS sponsorship to attend the upcoming Spring Audubon Society of Missouri meeting in Arrow Rock. The Missouri River Board Observatory will write a piece for the next CHAT aimed at encouraging youth participation in this event.

New Business:

Bill M indicated that a Boy Scout troop that has done several projects at CANS would like CAS to help them earn their Bird Study merit badge. The Scoutmaster asked that CAS provide a speaker for one of their meetings as well as mentors to help with various badge requirements. Upon badge completion, the troop plans to build birdhouses, some of which they will donate to CAS. The Board viewed this as a good opportunity to work with young people, and suggested that Bill M move forward with the arrangements.