by Lottie Bushmann, Co-Chair, CAS Education and Outreach Committee

18 birders gathered for our First Friday Bird Hike, a partnership between CAS and Songbird Station.

Eighteen birders showed up to walk together at 3M wetlands on Friday, November 5, the first of our “First Friday” Bird Walks. It was a beautiful, frosty morning and pretty chilly when we started, but we had low winds, warm sun and plenty of birds to study. Sparrow populations here are strong. The group found Song, White-throated, Lincoln’s, Swamp, Field, and Fox. We also had great long looks at a Hairy Woodpecker and appreciated the Downy that flew in to give us some great comparisons between the two similar species.

We tallied 31 species total and lots of storytelling and sharing birding experiences. We capped off the lovely morning by returning to Songbird Station, our meeting spot, for complimentary cookies and coffee while we shopped. Thanks to all who attended and helped. It’s great when so many experienced birders are willing to help the “newbies” and less experienced.

Small groups get together during the First Friday Hike to examine birds in the guides.