Meet at the McBaine Traihead, Katy Trail State Park at 8 a.m.

Schnabel Woods NA is owned by the University of Missouri and contains 80 acres of old growth forest.  Walk on the Katy Trail for approximately 1.5 miles from the McBaine Trailhead to an access point into Schnabel Woods NA. Will need to cross a small section of Eagle Bluffs CA to get to the access point.  Although it is turkey season, this area of Eagle Bluffs is a no hunting zone. We will look for birds along the way as well as at City of Columbia Wetland Cell #2. Terrain is hilly in Schnabel Woods. There are no trails once we leave the Katy Trail so expect a strenuous hike.

Leader: Jim Gast and Donna Brunet

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Here is a link to the MDC Schnabel Woods NA description – Schnabel Woods