We can accommodate about 12 participants; please reserve a space in advance by email: contactus@cherthollowfarm.com. As of April 3, seven spaces are still available.

Smart phones and other basic devices make it easy and affordable to record bird vocalizations without specialized equipment; via eBird, you can readily contribute to the Macaulay Library, a growing global database of bird vocalization. Doing this effectively requires some familiarity with basic field techniques, apps, and software. We’ll start the morning with a bird walk, practicing birding by ear while making some recordings. Afterward, we’ll return to the house to assess our recordings. Working in small groups, we’ll download sound files and view their spectrograms using free Raven Lite software. All skill levels welcome; let’s learn from each other. Bring a smart phone (preferably with an app installed that records WAV files; see advice here) or other digital recording device (such as a hand-held voice recorder). Please let us know if you can also bring a laptop, as having several on hand will be very useful for small-group work.

Leaders: Eric & Joanna Reuter

Contact Info: contactus@cherthollowfarm.com