by Judy Lincoln for Louise Flenner, Secretary

CAS Board Meeting Minutes for Sept 26, 2023

Attending: Lori Turner, Judy Lincoln Eric Seamon, Lottie Bushmann, Lisa Schenker, Shelby Thomas, Greg Leonard, Eric Wood, John Besser, Bill Mees, Allison Vaughn, Jim Gast, Reed Gerdes

Meeting called to order 6:03pm

April minutes were approved after a spelling correction of MoBCI. Jim Gast moved, Eric Wood seconded. All approved.

Treasurer’s Report: Kathleen Anderson donated $2000 to Wild Haven for invasives control. No invasives specified.


CANS Fireline will be installed by Nov 2023 by marking boundaries of planned bur unit and removing flammable vegetation to a width of 6-8 feet. Work Day needed to rake debris to outside of fireline, though it should not be a huge time investment.

CANS Prairie Burn -on suitable day Nov-Dec. Contracted John TImmerman to burn the CAS-owned portion of the CANS/Bonnie View prairie project (4-5 acres) Will need to warn those on the County House Trail. Cost $800 approved. Led by Mees. Judy moved to approve $800 to pay Timmerman. Jim seconded. Funds approved.

Overseed CANS prairie by December after prairie burn, approx. 1 acre needs avwork day to hand spread native grass seed. Cost appox $100 for side oats gramma and little and big bluestem seeds.

Benches for Students during Educational programs at CANS: Mobile so students can arrange as appropriate. Eagle Scout has offered to provide 4 benches. Eight more are needed. Timing TBD. Need more volunteer woodworkers for Leopold benches. Cost TBD. Led by Mees.

Chimney Swift Tower to be built in CANS area. Timing/ Cost/ Leader TBD. Researching site for CANS. The Wild Haven chimney swift tower was not used much as the surrounding areas needs to be cleared a little more.

Trailside interpretive anel on the importance of appropriate habitat for migratory birds being investigated: Due date TBD. Educational photos may be supplied by members and avid eBirders. Cost estimated at $2500. Tabled for further discussion and to apply for grant money to defray the cost.

WILD HAVEN Nature Area
Seed Prairie Expansion East side of Jenkins Hall in NOV-DEC. Purchase Seed from Missouri Wildflowers Nursery. Spread over .6 acre area treated to kill grass and weeds. Site has been cleared. Easy Work Day. Seed Cost $200.

New Outhouse will be built by April 2024 as more usage is planned: activities include digging the pit, installing a liner (perforated PVC tube), and stool and building a waterproof shelter of plywood and pressure-treated lumber. The Nature Areas Committee is researching the cost.

ALBERT CHILDREN’s NATURE AREA. New neighbor who controls gate is concerned about sharing driveway and access to his property. will talk to him further.

MACC Conservation Ecology Class will visit CANS for Grow Native Professional Growers for a talk on CANS Prairie, on Nov 7th. Twenty -two people will hear Bill Mees give a talk on Relations with Parks and Rec, Community Usage and Challenges of maintaining CANS prairie. MoBCI Newsletter has a three-page article to send out.

Allison Vaughn has finalized the Donor Letters for ComoGives and other donation gifters such as MOTUS tower. Will have an Envelop Stuffing Party, TBD. Postcard campaign close to underway for this year’s ComoGives campaign. We will feature a nice photo of Cedar Waxwins on the cards.


Shelby Thomas reports membership fees are coming in. Time to renew if you haven’t done so already.


Lottie Bushmann is helping out with the Nature Club at Rock Bridge Elementary School, as well as hosting Beginning Birder Walks on Saturdays. Band with Nature occurs October 30 and Nov 1 and needs volunteers for full or half days. Full day volunteering will come with a lunch provided. Applications are now available for three openings to Hog Island Audubon Campt for teacher education.

NEXT BOARD MEETING: Thursday Oct 19th 6 PM AMP Room Boone Electric Coop Comm Bldg


Will give the Albert’s Children’s Area neighbor, Jesse Broadhacker, notification of any planned field trips. Many options were discussed. Will consider getting our lands into a Conservation Easement program.

Offer from Dallas company to buy CANS. Halcyon Holdings, possible oil company, but may be a scam. CAS declined to return an answer.

Bill received email invitation on Sept 14th from Regan Webb, Elementary Science Director, for an Open House to Dedicate the Nature School’s Council House on Oct 18th in the morning; N of Deer Park. CAS members are invited to attend. CAS donated $30,000 to the construction of the Council House.

In August, at the annual MoBCI conference, MoBCI offered the opportunity for organizations to help sponser the upcoming Grasslands Summit to be held in 2024. Bill Mees asks if CAS be a part of the MoBCI Challenge Grant for this CFM-sponsored summit. Judy Lincoln so moved. Eric Wood seconded. $100 approved.

Similarly, MoBCI served as a sponsor of the Wetlands Summit in 2023 which involved many partners and all sessions are available at


In June CAS, Donated $2500 to expand Wood Thrush Research with MOTUS. Allison Vaughn moved and Lottie Bushmann seconded. Approved Check was sent 7/5/23.

CAS sent a letter to our senators, Josh Hawley and Eric Schmitt, to encourage them to pass the Recovering America’s Wildlife Act.

Lori asked for a motion to adjourn the meeting,
Eric Wood moved

Jim Gast seconded

Meeting was adjourned.