by Conservation Federation of Missouri

Contact your MO Representative to support HB 2412, which bans the sale of disruptive and invasive plant species in Missouri.

HB 2412, the Invasive Plant Bill, aims to prohibit future sales and intentional distribution in Missouri of five invasive plant Species: Burning bush, Callery pear, Climbing euonymus (also known as wintercreeper), Japanese honeysuckle, and Sericea lespedeza.

It was recently brought up on the House floor. Opposition was raised by Representatives who consider it a violation of Missouri growers and retailers personal freedom to grown and sell these plants, while they remain available for sale on the internet.

The bill was then “layed over,” which means it was set aside without a vote and may or may not be brought up again.

We urge you to contact your state representative right away and urge them to support the bill and to encourage the leadership to bring the bill back up for a vote.

Several state agencies like the Missouri Department of Conservation, Missouri Department of Natural Resources’ Division of State Parks, along with other city, county, state, federal, and NGO land managers have had to develop programs to remove invasives at a great cost in time and public resources.

If passed, enforcement may take effect January 1, 2026, with the exception that burning bush and Callery pear plants acquired by a licensed Missouri wholesale or retail plant nursery before January 1, 2025, would be exempt from enforcement until January 1, 2028.

This is an important opportunity to voice support for removing these species from sale in Missouri.