by Brooke Widmar, Conservation Chair

The Conservation Federation of Missouri (CFM) has been the “Voice for Missouri Outdoors” for the last 85 years. They house the newly redesigned Legislative Action Center (LAC) where Missourians can make an account to learn who their legislators are, stay up to date on conservation-related legislation, and have the opportunity to easily contact their elected officials about the legislation.
An issue that has been on CFM’s radar for many years is the selling of the new Eleven Point State Park. An Oregon County judge recently ordered that 625 acres of the park must be sold or transferred. Read more here. CFM has been actively tracking and responding to legislation on the issue, testifying at hearings, and encouraging citizens to stay engaged and write to their representatives. Sign up for the LAC to stay informed, and consider participating in their upcoming Legislative Discussion on October 8th to learn how you can become more involved. Another way to learn more about being an active citizen advocate is attending Missouri River Bird Observatory’s upcoming workshop on October 15th and 17th.
‘Tis the season to be an informed voter and make sure you have your plan to vote on, or by November 3rd! There are many great resources to learn about candidates and issues in your area, one being CFM’s candidate list. They sent a questionnaire about current conservation topics to all candidates on Missouri ballots, and the ones that responded are included on their site.
In summary: what can YOU do?
– Sign up for the Legislative Action Center here
– Register to vote by October 7th here and learn about your voting options and make your plant to vote on, or by, November 3rd
– Learn more about engagement by signing up for CFM’s Legislative Discussion webinar and MRBO’s Citizen Advocacy workshop