by Nancy Bedan

by Nancy Bedan, CAS CoMoGives Committee

The Columbia Audubon Society received $6,630 in donations during the 2017 CoMoGives online fundraiser for community nonprofit organizations. CoMoGives is conducted during the month of December by the Community Foundation of Central Missouri. A total of $712,569 was raised for the 114 local nonprofit organizations that participated in the 2017 drive. CAS ranked 34th out of the 114 participating organizations in terms of funds raised.

This is the third year CAS has participated in CoMoGives. The 2017 total represents a 26% increase over 2016’s total of $5,263. The number of contributors also increased to 76 in 2017, up from 66 in 2016 and 49 in 2015.  Two CAS 2017 donors contributed by check rather than online. Nine of the gifts CAS received in 2017 were made in honor or memory of someone. CAS will use the funds to maintain and expand its education and conservation programs in 2018.

Our CoMoGives drive was coordinated by a committee of Kris Hagglund, Cleo Kottwitz, Bill Mees, Doug Miller, Eric Seaman, and Nancy Bedan. The group developed e-mail messages and Facebook posts to inform and encourage donations, prepared an informational poster displayed by Songbird Station, and made personal contacts. CAS acknowledged donations by e-mail messages and by cards; we are very grateful for all donations received during the 2017 CoMoGives drive.