by Allison Vaughn

Columbia Audubon is seeking another grant donation from Boone Electric for CANS to promote our restoration efforts in the way of funding another interpretive panel. The theme of this panel will be the pollinators of CANS. We are seeking photos of pollinators taken from CANS itself, not wanting to muddy the waters with pollinators from other places. This will be a place-based panel about the benefits of our grassland restoration efforts for pollinators. We do not need monarch or honeybee photos, as we have included those two charismatic species on the first interpretive panel. The theme of the panel will be “More than Honeybees, the Pollinators of the Columbia Audubon Nature Sanctuary.” So, if you have beetle, moth, butterfly, native bees or other pollinator photos from CANS, please send them to and with the subject heading of CANS pollinator photos. We’ll make sure the photographer receives photo credits!