by Jan Mees

Columbia Audubon Society (CAS) is happy to report the results of a successful 2020 CoMoGives (CMG) campaign.

Thanks to the generosity of donors, CAS will add $12,400 to our treasury.  These funds will be used to continue the CAS programs that support education (field trips for students, scholarships for teachers and support of the Boone County Nature School), conservation efforts (prairie restoration and expansion at Columbia Audubon Nature Sanctuary), environmental projects (invasive species removal at Wild Haven), and research (Motus tower, Christmas Bird Count).

2020 was the 6th year of CAS participation in CMG. 142 community non-profit organizations participated and CAS ranked 40th overall for donations.  Our goal for the campaign was $10,000.  Not only does $12,400 surpass that goal, but our number of individual donors increased.  In 2015, the first year CAS participated, 49 donors made contributions to CAS.  In 2020, we had 108 donors.

Thank you to everyone who donated – the growth of community support and the support of our members made this happen and CAS is extremely grateful!

We may be a small flock but we are soaring high in our efforts to fulfill the mission of CAS.

CoMoGives Committee Members: Nancy Bedan, Lori Haglund, Bill Mees, Jan Mees (Chair) and Doug Miller with assistance from Lottie Bushmann and Allison Vaughn