by Douglas Miller

Upon review and board approval, final meeting minutes are posted to the Minutes page. Following are highlights of the unapproved minutes from the last meeting:

Treasurer’s Report

  • Eric Seaman notes the receipt of a $100 donation intended for the Columbia Audubon Nature Sanctuary (CANS), in memory of a North Boone County resident who liked to drive down to Columbia and walk the trails at CANS.


  • Nancy provided an updated on the October 15th presentation by noted birder Noah Strycker, to be held at the Mizzou Botanic Garden and live-streamed online. (Columbia Audubon Society provided financial support for this program.) Noah will meet with school children during the day. Jim Gast will appear on Paul Pepper’s broadcast to promote the event. CAS will set up an informational table (possibly shared with the Missouri Birding Society) outside the auditorium.
  • Nancy reports the November program is currently being planned. Possible an online presentation discussing the state of Missouri’s State Parks.
  • The board discussed a possible general meeting in October, a few days after the Noah Strycker program. The meeting could be a discussion of the Strycker’s book and presentation. Given that our usual meeting space at the Unitarian church is still in doubt due to the pandemic, Nancy suggested possibly meeting at a city park shelter; we still have a credit for use after the Spring 2020 picnic was cancelled.

Field Trips

  • John Besser reports a field event is planned for October 16th at Bradford Farm to coincide with the “Big Sit”. We have obtained permission to make use of the area for the day. Noah Strycker may possibly arrive for part of the event and potentially go out on walks with people. We are following up with Bradford Farm administrators to see whether our liability insurance would allow us to use their on-site bathrooms; if not, we can rent a port-a-potty.
  • There will be a field trip on October 30th in honor of Songbird Station’s (belated) anniversary. We’ll meet at Songbird Station in the morning, carpool to a nearby birding location (TBA), and then return to the store for coffee and doughnuts.
  • Lottie Bushmann will begin to schedule monthly field trips for beginners. She will discuss this with Holly at Songbird Station.

Outreach and Education

  • Jim Gast reports that he and Bill Mees led a beginning conservation class from Moberly Area Community College (MACC) on a field trip to CANS.
  • Lottie Bushmann reports that notice of the Hog Island educator scholarship is being sent out to schools in all 5 counties that CAS serves.
  • Lottie is working with a second grade class at Rock Bridge Memorial State Park.

Nature Areas

Wild Haven
  • Bill Mees reports a recent work session where: both of the old latrines were removed (with one to be rebuilt); old railroad ties that had been dumped in the wood were removed; and fencing around the old lagoon was also removed. The storage building has been emptied.
  • The board discussed a possible name for the storage building. The consensus is to name it Jenkins Hall, in honor of Lee Jenkins. Eric Reuter has offered to construct the sign for the building.
  • Bill Mees is obtaining quotes on re-striping the parking lot. The two quotes were for $275 and $300.
  • Bill reports that the annual Band With Nature event (where Columbia-area second graders visit CANS) has been scheduled for October 25, 26, 27. Volunteers are needed: 2 each for both the morning and afternoon sessions, for each of those three days. Andrew Kinslow will operate a bird banding station with the assistance of his students.
  • Bill mentions the Pumpkin Walk has been tentatively scheduled for October 28 or 29. This will take place at CANS and is being planned by Columbia Public Schools Science Coordinator Mike Szydlowski. Pumpkins containing glow sticks will be set throughout the woods. Donations of carved pumpkins would be appreciated. Raptor Rehab will bring an owl to the event. Natural history stations will present information and activities about bats, black cats, animal bones identification, and moths.
  • Bill mentions that the final herbicide treatment was applied to the prairie expansion unit at CANS. Bill, John Besser, Nadia Navarrete-Tindall and Allison Vaughn will soon meet to identify the best species with which to seed the area.


  • Dues reminders have been sent out.
  • Bill Mees mentions that there was a discussion at the recent Conservation Federation of Missouri (CFM) meeting regarding asking affiliated groups (such as CAS) for their membership information in order to promote their Legislative Action Center (LAC). We reaffirmed that CAS member information is never provided to third parties, but we will mention to the CAS membership that they may voluntarily sign up for the LAC.


  • Dee Dokken, conservation chair for the Sierra Club was welcomed. The board has invited Dee to become Conservation Chair for CAS as well. After a discussion, Dee agrees to serve on the board.

Ground Breaking for Nature School

  • Jim Gast mentions that the groundbreaking ceremony for the Boone County Nature School will be Thursday, October 21st from 5-6:30. Board members have been invited.


  • Jan Mees reports (via Bill Mees) that she mailed out an annual report to 126 previous CoMoGives donors. The CoMoGives committee is finalizing the choice of a winter bird photo for this year’s postcard, which will be mailed at the beginning of the fundraising campaign.