by Bill Mees, Nature Areas Committee

It’s Volunteer Time for Band with Nature

Every fall since 2012 Columbia Audubon Society (CAS) has sponsored a field trip we call Band with Nature.  This event invites every second-grade student in Columbia Public Schools for an educational visit to Columbia Audubon Nature Sanctuary. The students participate in a bird banding demonstration, dissecting owl pellets, a Raptor Rehabilitation demonstration, and bird communication sounds. Each class spends a half day before returning to their school.  This year’s event is scheduled for Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday October 24, 25, & 27.

The event is made possible with the assistance of CAS volunteers.  If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Bill Mees at  You can volunteer for a morning session, afternoon session or all day.  You will have as much fun as the students.  Join us for this opportunity to revive the second grader hiding in all of us.