by Bill Mees, Nature Areas Committee

Time really does fly. It was the fall of 2012 that Columbia Audubon Society sponsored the first field trip to Columbia Audubon Nature Sanctuary for second grade students. Since then, the field trip has grown each year until every Columbia Public Schools’ elementary school now participates. For those of you contemplating the numbers, that translates to about 1,200 second graders, plus teachers, plus many accompanying parents each year.
The success of this event is largely the result of the cooperation and planning of Columbia Public Schools’ Science Department and volunteers from Columbia Audubon Society. Volunteers distribute maps, activity schedules and assist with the occasional needs that may occur with any large group of participants.
Please consider volunteering some of your time to the event. This is one of Columbia Audubon’s efforts to acquaint young students with the value and the wonders of nature.
The dates for the event are Monday October 30th, Wednesday November 1st, and Thursday November 2nd. Each day has a morning session and an afternoon session. The Morning session begins at 9:15 and ends at 11:30. Afternoon sessions begin at 11:45 and end at 2:30. You can offer to volunteer for either morning session, afternoon session or all day. Lunch is provided for the full day volunteers. Of course, volunteers are welcome to participate in each of the day’s activities.
Columbia Audubon Society appreciates your volunteer spirit that makes this event a favorite of students and teachers alike. If you have questions or wish to volunteer contact Bill Mees at: