Wild Haven Nature Area


Enjoy the beauty of spring wildflowers in bloom as we walk the white and yellow trails (total distance of about 2 miles). We expect to see over a dozen species of wildflowers in bloom and it will be prime time to see the bluebells and trilliums. We’ll also become familiar with the trails, enjoy the scenery along Hinkson Creek and look for birds. Roxie Campbell, Naturalist at Rock Bridge State Park, will provide wildflower identification and information. Meet at the picnic shelter – both gates in this area will be open for parking on the grass. COVID-19 guidelines will be followed – we will break into smaller groups if necessary.

[Directions to Wild Haven (or just Google it: 6900 E. O’Rear Road): Take Route B north from US 63. Cross the RR tracks, then turn right on Brown Station Road. Continue on Brown Station past the first stop sign (Route HH), then take the next right turn onto O’Rear Road. After O’Rear turns to gravel and you pass Sheridan Road, look for a clearing on the right and a sign with the street number ‘6900’. Both gates should be open, and you can park on the grass.]

Event Location

6900 O'Rear Road