Wild Haven Nature Area

2:00 to 5:00pm

Sunday, October 4 from 2 to 5 p.m. Wild Haven Hike and Honeysuckle Hack.

Enjoy a guided hike of about 2.5 miles round trip at Wild Haven and cut and treat bush honeysuckle all while working at a ‘social distance.’

Become familiar with the white and yellow trails which were cleared and marked this summer. Roxie Campbell will guide and provide training on how to identify bush honeysuckle, autumn olive, winter creeper (invasive plants) and a few native plants that can look similar and learn how to treat the invasive species. Our main target is a patch of medium sized bush honeysuckle located at Hinkson Creek at the far (south) end of the yellow trail. We will need to cross the creek (just a couple of inches at low flow) so you may want to bring/wear waterproof boots for the crossing. Bring your own hand saw and/or loppers if desired or borrow some. Roxie will bring the herbicide bottles. Wear long pants and dress for the weather. Bring leather gloves, water, snack and bug/sun protection. The gate will be unlocked for parking on the grass at the workshop. We’ll meet there. To get updates, email your interest in participating to Roxie at trjcamp@aol.com.

Directions to Wild Haven workshop (6900 E. O’Rear Road): Take Route B north from US 63 about two miles, then turn right at the Fastlane station onto Hwy HH. Follow HH about two miles, past a 90-degree left turn, then turn left onto O’Rear Rd. Cross the bridge over Hinkson Creek, then look for the first gate on the left. Pull in and park on the grass (or on the side of the road.)