The Long Range Planning Committee agreed to recommend the following long-range objectives:

1. Reaffirm the aims set forth by the Land Acquisition Committee at their meeting of December 21. We can envision owning more than one piece of land for the purpose of doing different things.

2. Place emphasis on the second statement of the Land Acquisition Committee’s suggestions as a way to get started. This should be the first order of business – to work out one or more of these objectives.

3. We believe the negotiation for the 60 acres near Sandstone Bluff should be continued and when the proper time arrives, the Columbia Audubon Society should consider making an offer. We feel we can raise by subscription additional money when the society makes a definite commitment for the purchase of some property.

4. Properties should be made available for research by interested, responsible trained investigators.

5. In the future we should plan to have a public office and book store to help in the publicity, and to further the objectives of the society, i.e., sell bird houses and feeders.

6. Projects which the Long Range Planning Committee considers to be highly desirable are: local trail guides; bird house plans; establishing a marked hiking trail; various brochures pertaining to local botanical sites and other naturel interests, i.e., flora of Dulle Mill or flora of Sandstone Bluff, or local area bird lists, to be sold at a nominal price.

7. Endeavor to establish a close liaison with other conservation groups in the area, and consider the establishment of a council of local conservation organizations.

8. Offer short workshops in various areas of nature study as a first step toward a formally organized nature center and museum.

9. We should not hesitate to undertake fund raising campaigns to further our specific objectives.

10. Work toward passage of legislation requiring mining and other manufacturers to refrain from pollution of the atmosphere and streams and to require the restoration of land. This should be modeled after the legislation of Kentucky and Pennsylvania.

11. The society should consider the establishment of awards, prizes, or certificates to local individuals or organizations for achievements for furthering conservation.

12. Consider the purchase of a mobile museum to be shared with other organizations (Art League, Rock Club, etc.) containing exhibits.

13. In future years, we feel the Land Acquisition Committee and Long Range Planning Committee should be one and the same.

Respectfully submitted: Ed Pickett, Mrs. Robert Eastman. Milton D. Shanklin. Mrs. Clair Kucera. David Goodge. John Love, Chairman.