The Long Range Planning Committee met with the president of the society Sunday evening, January 24, 1971. We agreed to recommend that the Columbia Audubon Society consider the following as desirable long range objectives, and actions.

  1. That a special committee be set up to study, plan, and make use of a parcel of land that has been offered to us in order to further the objectives of our society.
  2. That we consider the acquisition of land surrounding the above to act as a buffer strip for protection of the property.
  3. That we establish awards, prizes, or certificates to be awarded to local individuals or organizations for achievements in furthering conservation.
  4. That we establish a public office, book store, and information center to aid in the desired publicity to the conservation story, and to further the objectives of the society.
  5. That we consider the purchase of a mobile museum, to be shared with other organizations, containing exhibits pertaining to conservation.

Respectfully Submitted: Charles Laun, Kay Eastman, Lisle Jeffrey, and John Love, Chairman.

Reminder: The SST issue is about to be considered by the Senate again — make your thoughts known to your senators, Messrs. Stuart Symington and Thomas Eagleton.