The Columbia, Missouri chapter of the Audubon Society — serving Audrain, Boone, Cooper, Howard, Monroe & Randolph Counties

Columbia Audubon Society board meeting minutes March 16, 2016

Present: Kris Hagglund, John Besser, Bill Mees, Lottie Bushmann, Eric Reuter, Lori Hagglund, Eric Seaman, Lori Turner, Alice Robinson, Laura Hillman, Doug Miller, Allison Vaughn, and Carolyn Terry.

The minutes from the February meeting were reviewed and 2 typos were corrected. Bill moved we accept the corrected minutes. John 2nd. Passed.

Treasurer’s report. The proposed budget for next year is ready and will bleed to be approved at the April meeting. Memorial funds have been coming in. Will share the information in the Chat and notify the relatives.

Laura reported about the nominating committee. President is still vacant but if no one steps forward, she will assume that position. Lottie will continue on as vice president, Lori Hagglund will be secretary and work with Nancy Bedan to take over that position eventually, Eric Wood for a 3 year term board member, Nancy B. a 2 year and Lori T. a 1 year term. Communications, Chat, Education and Nature areas remain the same. Lori will need a replacement in September for the Field Trips. Bill is considering the conservation board position.

Kris shared the plans to show “The Messenger” at the Ragtag Tuesday, April 26, 5:30-7:30 with a discussion period after the movie. It will cost CAS $800 but donations will be accepted that evening. Doug will print extra CAS brochures to give out that evening. A sign-up sheet was passed to reserve tickets for the board.

Bill reported on the Honeysuckle eradication project. 60 people helped at Bonnieview this past Saturday. Mike Szydlowski will work with several schools to eradicate in areas near their schools.

Allison, John and Bill met with Evan Hill and Mike Doyan regarding the Great Missouri Birding Trail to suggest areas around Columbia to be included. John made a list of typical but not too rare birds which will be narrowed down to 10 signature birds and where they might be found. Columbia is getting on the trail list. St. Louis and Kansas City are already on the web site.

Bill reported that Missouri River Relief River Academy will hold a summer camp for 8-12th grades. They are also science partners with CPS. MRBO reports that is the only summer banding that they do. Will discuss grants for the Academy in April.

Bill and Allison will work with an ecology class from Columbia College when they visit CANS.

Eric. R. would like to borrow binoculars for an Adult Ed class April 9.

The annual potluck picnic will be at Wildhaven May 18 at 6pm. Bird walk at 5pm. Drinks and table service provided. John will have a work day prior to the picnic. Someone did an unauthorized burn at the property.

Field trips are arranged through May. 13 people were on the backyard bird count trip.

25 were present for the general meeting. Kris gave several announcements including information about “The Messenger” at the Ragtag (sign-up sheet was circulated). The slate of officers was presented with encouragement for any to fill the vacant positions (president and field trip coordinator) Mary Nemecek from the Burroughs Audubon Society in Kansas City gave a very informative presentation on Neonicotinoids and their effect on insects and thus on butterflies and birds.

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