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Columbia Audubon Society board minutes February 17, 2016

Present: Kris Hagglund, Lori Hagglund, Carolyn Terry, Lottie Bushmann, Bill Mees, John Besser, Eric Seaman, Alice Robinson, Doug Miller, Allison Vaughn, and Eric Reuter.

The minutes from the January meeting were reviewed and corrected. Lori H. moved we accept. Lottie 2nd. Passed

The treasurer’s report was reviewed.

Laura reported on the nominating committee. Eric Wood has agreed to be a board member at large as has Lori Turner and perhaps still do field trips. Nancy Bedan also would be a board member and eventually secretary. Still need president, vice president, and secretary. Lottie has agreed do continue on as vice president if no one else volunteers.

Kris reported that CAS still plans to show The Messenger at the Ragtag in April. He will have more information after the T/F film festival is over.

Bill reported on the honeysuckle eradication project that the science teachers in the state are sponsoring. He spoke with Mike Snyder of Parks and Rec about working on it in Bonnie view too.

Bill Mees and Bill Clark will be on KFRU’s The Great Outdoors February 27 between 7 and 8 in the morning.

Allison reported on celebrating Migratory Bird Treaty Centennial. A laminated poster and fliers have been placed at CANS. Other ways to incorporate this in our planned activities were discussed. Lottie will research what grade level would be appropriate to do something with the public schools.

Bill reported that the Missouri Prairie Foundation is opposed to a bill before the state legislature (SJR19) to increase the number of commissioners on the MDC board from 4 to 6. This would be a constitutional amendment. Allison advised CAS not to get involved. Kris suggested we need to clarify the issue before we would take a stand.

We have been asked to participate in “Adopt A Spot” to clear invasive plants along trails and plant native species. CAS will maintain the trail through CANS property. Bill will communicate that.

Columbia Garden Club would like to place a bench on CANS property honoring Jane and Ken Sadler who are founding members on the garden club. Bill would word with them on the location of it. Doug moved we allow the bench on CANS property under Bill’s guidance. Allison 2nd. Passed

Lottie reported that CAS will once again have a booth at the CPS Science Sleuth fair at the Life Sciences center on the MU campus. CAS will not participate in the Home School science fair this year due to poor participation last year.

John moved we give Becky Erickson and Ann Wakeman $100 gift cards for their assistance with the prairie restoration project at CANS. Laura 2nd. Passed.

Doug reported that CAS gained 6 new members during the CoMo Gives campaign. There will be changes soon to the email process but it will still be confidential with only board members being allowed to post or others with board approval.

27 species were reported from the Feeder Crawl field trip.

Respectively submitted, Alice Robinson

There were 25 present for the general meeting.

Before the presentation by John Faaborg on Climate Change and Bird Populations, Kris informed the members of board decisions and announcements which included the showing of the Messenger, honeysuckle irradication, the “2 Bills being on The Great Outdoors, the city bench at CANS honoring the Sadlers, Science Sleuth and recent field trip and the BBC (John Besser had 60 species at Eagle Bluffs for the count)

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