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Columbia Audubon Society minutes January 20, 2016

Present: Kris Hagglund, Carolyn Terry, John Besser, Lori Hagglund, Alice Robinson, Bill Mees, Eric Reuter, Eric Seaman, Lottie Bushmann, Lori Turner and Laura Hillman.

Eric S. reported that the CoMo money should be here soon. $3955 was given to CAS from 48 donors. CAS came in 25th out 71 organizations. This was the first year for participating. The board signed Thank You notes to be sent to all the CAS donors.

The minutes from the November board meeting were reviewed. Bill moved we accept as written. John 2nd. Passed

Laura will convene the nominating committee soon. Will need president, vice president, secretary and 3 board members. Lottie would continue on as vice president if no one else will take it.

John and Bill reported on the prairie restoration project at CANS. It was seeded today with 8 lbs. seed per acre of wild flower and grasses. Will discuss later about thank you gifts for Becky and Ann for their shared expertise on the prairie restoration. The more expensive seed will be sown by hand.

Bill moved we send a $100 gift card to Dean Ravenscraft for the mowing at CANS. Eric S. 2nd. Passed

Kris talked about the possibility of CAS collaborating with Ragtag to show “The Messenger” We would help advertise and ways to accomplish that were discussed. He will have more details next month. Our maximum expenditure would be $800.

Bill explained about the honeysuckle eradication project that the Missouri science teachers have adopted as their project. Can log into their web site to record the number removed. Bill moved that CAS participate. Laura 2nd. Passed

Bill Mees and Bill Clark will be on KFRU February 27 in the 7-8 time slot (The Great Outdoors) They will discuss CAS and birding around the state.

Eric. R. discussed 2 field trips to private land - theirs and Goats Beard Farm. The one to the Reuters would be a birding trip followed by brush clean up and lunch.

The majority of the next Chat will be devoted to historical data on the Christmas Bird Count. Laura will write something about the upcoming CAS elections for the March edition.

Eric. R. is writing an article on Audubon Societies in Missouri for the March issue of Missouri Life magazine.

This is the centennial of the signing of the Migratory Bird Treaty by President Woodrow Wilson.

Lottie reported that Ann Kome and Whitney Adams will both attend the educators week the end of July at Hog Island.

John reported that neighbors by Wild Haven are keeping an eye out for suspicious behavior around the area.

Lori will have a list of future field trips for the Chat. The Backyard Bird Crawl will be February 13.

22 people were present for the general meeting to hear Mike Szydlowski talk about science in the Columbia Public Schools He mentioned the the 2nd grade Band With Nature is very popular with the students and teachers

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