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CAS minutes for October 21, 2015

Present: John Besser, Carolyn Terry, Allison Vaughn, Doug Miller, Eric Seaman, Laura Hillman, Lottie Bushman, Eric Reuter, Kris Hagglund, and Lori Hagglund

The minutes from the last meeting were reviewed and approved. Eric S. presented the treasurer’s report. The first portion of the MoBCI grant has been received, as well as the insurance settlement for the break-in at Wild Haven, so the accounts are up $14K. Membership dues are also coming in. The annual report is due to NAS.

John reported that seed collection for the prairie restoration project at CANS is coming along slowly. We may need to purchase some of what we need. Some Master Naturalists will be giving us seed; quantity currently unknown. The final spraying of the area was completed the previous week. Seeding will be done between 12/1/15 and 1/15/16.

Band With Nature was bigger and more successful than ever this year, with 60 teachers participating and 1200 students attending.

The CoMo Gives campaign is hosting a kick-off event at 5 p.m. on 11/9/15 at Bleu Restaurant. The giving guide is in the proofing stage and 32,000 copies will be printed. We will receive 100 or 200 copies to distribute ourselves and should consider how we might do that. Facebook will be important in raising awareness of our campaign and we will bring Kevin Wehner in to help with that. We need to be on top of it all by the campaign start date of 12/1/15.

Edge Wade has donated David Plank prints to be given away as thank-yous for $50 donations to the campaign. Doug is scanning samples of the prints to be posted on our website and Edge is writing up a bio of the artist. Eric R. volunteered to donate birdhouses his business has left unsold from a previous event. We’ll need to discuss their tax value and donation requirements. The Plank prints have no tax implications.

A request from an individual in Moberly regarding our participation in a birding film series was discussed. It was decided that other venues serve this purpose in Columbia and we chose not to be involved.

Meredith Donaldson’s request for a donation from CAS to Friends of Columbia’s Parks to promote passage of the upcoming parks sales tax vote was discussed. We determined not to donate but to place our own supportive ad in the newspaper. Doug will do the graphic design and John will write something for it, highlighting our work with the city on prairie restoration. A maximum of $500 was allocated toward the ad.

Bird seed donation to the Harrisburg schools was proposed by Eric R. in response to a parent request. Doug motioned that we provide $250 in credit at Songbird Station for the purpose and Carolyn seconded. In return we will ask for CAS recognition and Project Feeder Watch participation.

Joanna Reuter has been digitizing the Migratory Bird Count and Christmas Bird Count maps. They’re formatted for single-page printing. Eric will speak to individual area leaders to obtain final details to complete this exciting project.

Eric R needs articles for the Chat! Deadline is 1 week before the end of the month. He will take ideas and information and do most of the writing himself if necessary.

Allison is enrolling CAS in Lucky’s wooden nickel fundraising program. The application requires a fund-raising focus and we determined that it would be Band With Nature.

Lottie reported that Hog Island applications will be in by 10/31/15. She asked for information regarding the possibility of obtaining a contribution toward binoculars for a bird-watching project at her school, Lee Elementary. Doug reported that about two-thirds of members have paid their annual dues and we have 8 new members since last spring.

The two teachers that we sent to Hog Island last summer gave an inspiring presentation on what their experience was like and how it’s influencing their teaching. About 15 people attended the general membership meeting.

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