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CAS minutes for September 16, 2015

Present: Laura Hillman, Lottie Bushman, Lori Hagglund, Eric Seaman, Doug Miller, John Besser, Bill Mees, Kris Hagglund, Alice Robinson and Carolyn Terry

Eric presented the treasurer’s report. Due to market fluctuation, the large investment was down $3700. Money from annual dues continues to come in.

There will be more seed collection days this fall to seed the prairie at CANS. The first check from MoBCI was $6500. Bill also shared the budget for the project.

Bill reported that 2 Boy Scouts are planning to do projects at CANS. The first would build a bridge that would connect the “old” part of CANS to the new property and the other scout would construct a loop trail on the new property.

Volunteers are still needed for the Band with Nature October 6-8. Needs 3 for each of 6 sessions.

Kris encouraged board members to write for the Chat and have them to Eric by September 23.

The memorial Little Free Library plans have been approved for placement on CANS. The Lions Club will install and Bill will have input on placement and colors for the box.

John reported that the insurance adjustment for the stolen items from Wild Haven was $8302. There followed discussion about what to do about maintaining the property: buying new equipment and storing it elsewhere, contracting out the work, etc. No decision was made at this time.

Bill reported that an individual donated $250 for the CANS trail. The money could be used for post markers on the new trail. He also requested for permission to purchase mulch for CANS. Bill moved we approve up to $200 for mulch. Laura 2nd. Passed.

Kris discussed fund raising ideas and incentives for those that give. Ideas were such things as reusable bags, mugs, free membership, etc. Kris will send a letter to all members encouraging more participation in CAS.

Permission was granted Cleo to put an update about the Community Cloud Forest Conservation in Guatemala in the Chat.

There had been a request to help plant a Kindness Tree, but the board felt that didn’t compliment our missions. Rejected.

Kris shared an invitation from Greenbelt Land Trust to a reception October 18 at Maplewood Barn.

Lisa has written the application for teachers wishing to attend the Hog Island summer camp. Applications are due by October 31.

Lottie has finished securing speakers for the remainder of the year and the list will be in the Chat. Lottie moved that we authorize mileage for the speaker coming from St. Louis (Mark Glenshaw) in April. Lisa H. 2nd. Passed. There followed a discussion about spending money to get high profile speakers which would generate more interest in the general membership. Perhaps could share the expense with another group or the U. if the person could be used in another situation too.

Doug reported that about a third of the membership have paid their dues for the coming year.

Upcoming field trips include one at CANS and one at Bradford Farm.

Bill shared his idea for an umbrella organization of groups that are concerned with nature that could be a strong voice for things that pertain to nature in our community. It was agreed that it would be very beneficial to explore that.

There were 26 present at the general meeting to hear Bill Clark on Institutional Memories and the eBird Wednesday bird group. Kris shared goals for CAS to increase membership and participation, fund raising, and announced about seed collection for CANS, Band with Nature and the Scout projects.

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