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Board meeting August 19, 2015

Present: Laura Hillman, Kris Hagglund, Carolyn Terry, Eric Seaman, John Besser, Allison Vaughn, Doug Miller, Lottie Bushmann, Lori Turner, Bill Mees, Lisa Schenker, Alice Robinson and Lori Hagglund.

Eric gave the treasurer’ s report. We are signed up for CoMoGives but didn’t think our check had cleared. He will check on it. GHT accounting will look over the IRS forms. Have about 15,000 in the bank.

Bill reported on the prairie restoration at CANS Hi presented Prairie T shirts to John, Allison, Laura and Stuart for all their help with planning and seed collection. Had to spray and extra time this summer due to all the rain. Will spray once more in fall and then begin to seed in November or December. Will have seed collecting days is September and October. Will be able to purchase seed if necessary with the grant money.

Bill also showed the laminated poster which will be displayed at MoBCI, Songbird open house and general meetings.

Bill is also working with an Eagle Scout who will construct a bridge to connect the main part of CANS with the new acreage on the other side of the creek. It would need to be about 45 feet long. He has checked with Boone Electric about using utility poles for the base. Approximate cost would be $2500 -3,000 but Mr. Russell indicated that he would make a donation to help cover the cost. The scout is waiting for approval on his project. Bill is also working with another scout about building a kiosk which has been approved by CAS.

Band With Nature will be October 6-6, 2015. Will need 2-3 volunteers for each of the 6 sessions. Will have the same stations as last school year.

Articles for the next Chat are due August 23. Kris encouraged each board member to write something for the Chat at least one time this year.

Jefferson Farms has a new executive director that would like to collaborate with different groups. Was looking for suggestions to make it more bird friendly. CAS could have a field trip there this year.

Songbird Station’s anniversary will be the last week of August. CAS will sponsor a field trip and Bill will have a booth. Holly has a new position with Gold Crest and will no longer be at the store. Deborah is the new contact person.

Pete Hasselriis died last year and a neighbor is trying to put up a memorial to him. They would like to have one of the Little Free Libraries on CANS property since their property backs up to it and Pete taught literacy at the U. The board would need to approve the plans and placement of it. CAS does not want to be responsible for construction or maintenance of it.

The field trip volunteers for the Gold Crest meeting are lined up.

Eric will send a donation of $350 to the Unitarian Universalist church for the use of the church for CAS monthly meetings.

John reported on the theft at Wild Haven that happened earlier in August. The Kubota diesel tractor, brush hog mower and John Deere lawn tractor were all stolen and some damage was also done to the structure. He contacted the Sheriff’s office as well as State Farm to start an insurance claim. If CAS would replace the equipment State Farm would pay out $8300 and if not replace it would be $3200. There was discussion about contracting out for the mowing, replacing the equipment but storing in away from Wild Haven. Will discuss further after the Sheriff’s report.

Lottie reported that speakers have been scheduled for the rest of 2015 and several for 2016. A schedule will be in the Chat.

Allison will continue to advertise our monthly meetings in the Vox. She will contact Paul Pepper to have a segment about the 2nd grade Band With Nature.

Doug reported that we gained 5 new members over the summer 3 of which were from the open house.

Lori T. is working on the field trip schedule and has several lined up

Blue bird house caretakers are needed. Kris will contact Jane and the Master Naturalists to see about recruiting someone that needs points to do the blue bird houses.

Kris led a discussion about goals for CAS this year. More members and increased member participation were mentioned. Kris will send a letter to all the current members. Fund raising was also discussed and goals for the use of the money. A Nature Center at Bonnie View could be built in collaboration with Parks and Rec and/or CPS. CAS will also advertise to encourage people to give through CoMoGives in December.

Our next board meeting will be September 16.

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