The Columbia, Missouri chapter of the Audubon Society — serving Audrain, Boone, Cooper, Howard, Monroe & Randolph Counties

Present: Bill Mees, Laura Hillman, Carolyn Terry, Howard Hinkel, John Besser, Doug Miller, Allison Vaughn, Jan Mees, Alice Robinson, Lori Hagglund, Eric Seaman, Lottie Bushmann and Kevin Wehner

Minutes from the March board meeting were reviewed. John moved we accept as written; Howard 2nd. Passed.

The current treasurer's report was reviewed. John moved we accept it. Howard 2nd. Passed. The proposed budget for 2014-2015 was discussed. Howard moved we accept as proposed; Lorin 2nd. Passed.

The grant proposal for grassland restoration at CANS and Bonnie View was discussed. Bill, John, and Allison will meet with Parks and Rec. on Friday April 18 to discuss a prairie restoration partnership between CANS and Bonnie View Nature Sanctuary as the two areas join. The grant application to MoBI would be due Septmeber, 2014 and the funds would be available July, 2015 to be successful applicants. The maximum grant is $20,000.

Doug reported that we had gained a couple of new members this past month. Total current members is the same as one year ago.

Laura gave a report from the nominating committee comprised of Laura, Kathleen Anderson, and Janice Gaston. The following are on the ballot for election or re-election for the 2014-2015 year. President, Kris Hagglund; Vice President, Lottie Bushmann; Secretary, Alice Robinson; Treasurer, Eric Seaman; Board member at large, Laura Hillman.

The annual picnic will be held at Wild Haven May 21 at 6pm. John will tacke care of drinks and Lori and Allison will check on the paper supplies. Members will bring food to share. John will lead a bird walk out there at 4pm prior to the picnic.

The CPS Nature School is scheduled to open in August 2015 with 100 fifth grade students. CAS is forming a committee to explore ways we can support the school. Mike Szydlowski, the CPS science coordinator will be on the committee. A few ideas suggested for CAS to donate would be feeders, bird baths, plantings, books, etc.

Mike Snyder has requested help in monitoring the Blue Bird houses that Parks and Rec. has. Jane and Mary who are doing ones for CAS would coordinate a committee. They have also requested an interpretive panel for Bonnie View.

Lottie mentioned about having Glen Shaw from St. Louis to speak on the Great Horned Owls in Forest Park. Mileage compensation was discussed but no action taken.

John reported on Wild Haven. May 3 is a tentative date for work on a new gate. He is obtaining cost estimates. There will be a clean up day May 17. A new weed whacker is needed. Doug moved, Carolyn 2nd that we allow John to purchase an adequate one. Passed.

CANS The Cunningham sidewalks to the trail are now complete. New plantings will be added. Bill constructed and installed a new sign to replace the one destroyed during the winter. It is further north of the parking lot. There will be an open house at Bonnie View on Earth Day (April 22) to dedicate the property. The old building on the new CANS property has been demolished and the metal will be recycled.

Kevin stated that there will be a field trip to Forest Park April 26 and John will lead one at Albert Children's Area April 27.

Chat articles are due to Jan by April 27.

Bill spoke to two groups on backyard birds this past month.

Laura reported that she has the 13 leaders for the Migratory Bird Count on May 10, but still needs people to fill out the groups.

There were 37 present at the general meeting. Laura presented the slate of officers. Susan Hazelwood moved that we accept as proposed. It was a unamimous decision to accept the slate as proposed. Kris Hagglund stated that he has four areas of focus for CAS: Birds, education to youth, membership growth and leadership development.

Bill had several announcements including congratulations to Joyce Hulett who recently was named individual volunteer of the year in Columbia.

Allison gave a very informative presentation on the history and development of Wild Haven. There were many good comments and questions following her talk.

Following the meeting we enjoyed refreshments served by Jan Mees.

Respectfully submitted, Alice Robinson.

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