The Columbia, Missouri chapter of the Audubon Society — serving Audrain, Boone, Cooper, Howard, Monroe & Randolph Counties

Present: Bill Mees. Doug Miller, Howard Hinkel, Lori Hagglund, Alice Robinson, Laura Hillman, Kevin Wehner, John Besser, Eric Seaman, Carolyn Terry, Lottie Bushmann.

The minutes from the February meeting were reviewed and after a typo correction, Doug moved we accept; Carolyn 2nd. Passed.

Treasurer,s report: The State Farm CD had been renewed without consent from CAS. There was a penalty when it was terminated and Eric was not able to resolve that. The money was put in our account with the Community Foundation. Howard moved we accept the report. Lori 2nd. Passed. The budget for 2014-15 was discussed. It was suggested the lines that are no longer used be eliminated. Also to have one line for nature areas with sub categories under that for each nature area. A draft of the budget will go on the web site. $350 for church rental for our meetings is already in the budget.

Laura reported on a meeting she attended concerning the Gans Creek rec area and their plans for the natural areas. There were representatives from Forestry, Parks and Rec, city of Columbia, Fish and Wildlife. All were committed to leave the wildlife area intact with prairie and glade restoration. Eventually there are plans for a parking lot near the rookery. Laura suggested CAS could do bird counts in the area. Funding is needed for their plans.

Membership is up to standard numbers.

Bill had talked with Gene Gardner from MoBCI about a possible grant for CANS and he would be willing to consult. John, Doug, Allison and Bill met to help formulate the grant which would be used for the prairie restoration at CANS. Allison lis working on the cost. Eric checked and CAS is a member of MoBCI.

The Hog Island scholarship recipient is John Nies form Grant Elementary land he will attend the Joy of Birding camp.

Lottie and Lisa manned a both for CAS at the Science Sleuth this past weekend on the MU campus. 3,000 people attended this year. They helped the kids put alpaca hair in netting which they could put out in their yards for birds to gather nesting material. Lottie suggested that more people could help with the booth next year.

Bill has made a new sign for CANS to replace the one destroyed this past winter. (Parks and Rec nor the City would claim responsibility) Grant Gould built 4 new benches for CANS as his Eagle Scout project. The hay storage building on the new land will be demolished 3/22

23 people attended the recent Twilight Timberdoodle Trek at Forum Nature Area. Sondbird Station provided milk and cookies after the field trip. 28 people enjoyed a joint field trip to Eagle Bluffs with the Burroughs Audubon Society of Greater Kansas City.

Chat articles are due to Jan by March 30.

Dolores Clark spoke to the Discover Garden Club on backyard plants to attract birds. Bill Mees and Bill Clark spoke to the Ashland Garden Club on Purple Martins.

The Migratory Bird Count is May 8 and Laura will organize it.

27 were present to the general meeting where the speaker was Becky Erickson from the Missouri Native Plant Society. She spoke on the importance of using native species is your plantings.

Bill shared information on the Eagle Scout project at CANS and the recent field trips. Lottie gave a report on the Science Sleuth day and announced the scholarship recipient for Hog Island this summer. Joyce Hulett encouraged everyone to attend a meeting of It's Our Wild Nature April 4. They are trying to preserve property along Old 63 from development. Earth Day is April 22 and there will be a forum to save wildlife.

Respectfully submitted, Alice Robinson

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