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Columbia Audubon Society Board Meeting Minutes February 19, 2014

Present: Allison Vaughn, Doug Miller, John Besser, Lottie Bushmann Bill Mees, Laura Hillman, Kevin Wehner, Lori Hagglund, Alice Robinson, Carolyn Terry

The minutes for the January 15 meeting were reviewed. John moved we accept as written; Kevin 2nd. Passed

Treasurer's report: Goldcrest (owners of Songbird Station) donated $500 for the Band With Nature that CAS sponsored this past September. Eric will reserve then Community of Christ Church for the CBC Chili Supper for December 20, 2014 and send $100 to them for this past December if he hasn't already done so. Lori moved we accept the report; John 2nd. Passed

There was discussion about the break-in at Wild Haven and what can be done to secure the property better. Bill will check about putting a heavy chain between 2 trees at the entrance until a gate could be erected in the spring. Cleo will talk to Bill about friends who could dig post holes for a new gate. The shed is locked and nothing of value now except the old tractor and the new lawn mower. Carolyn suggested that a "Smile you're on camera" might deter would-be vandals. There is currently no power on the property to install any sort of alarm. John will check on the minimum charge for electricity. Two tires on the mower. John will check with Boyd about repairing.

There was discussion about the Heron Rookery at Gans Creek Recreation Area. DNR had previously sent info to Parks and Rec on the area. The rookery is on city property (nature area section) The city appears to be doing what DNR suggested for habitat restoration. Bill and Laura will go on the fact-finding hike there Sat. morning.

There have been 2 teacher applications for the Hog Island program for this summer - one from Madison and one from Columbia. The committee will meet tomorrow to review the applications. MU/CPS will sponsor the Science Sleuth March 15. CAS will have a booth. It will give CAS additional exposure is the community. Lottie will check with Songbird Station about handouts and something for the kids to do. Will need volunteers to staff the booth.

The new sign at CANS has been destroyed, possibly by a snow plow. Bill contacted Parks and Rec to see if they had any information on it from their people, They have not responded. He will check with Public Works next. Bill requested $200-300 to construct a new one. Lottie moved we allocated that much for him; Laura 2nd. Passed

A class of 20 4th and 5th grade students from Fairview Elementary will use CANS for nature study this summer.

A Youth group from Missouri United Methodist Church will work on habitat restoration in the new property at CANS. An engineer is currently checking what sort of bridge we would need to connect that property with the main body of land.

A manager for Albert Children's property is still needed.

Kevin announced that there will be a field trip to the Forum Nature Area in mid March to observe the American Woodcocks.

Articles for the Chat are due to Jan by Sunday, March 2.

There were 22 present for the general meeting to hear Gene Gardner from the Missouri Bird Conservation Initiative explain what that organization does. Their annual conference will be at Peachtree Center August 23 and 24.

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