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Columbia Audubon Society November board meeting minutes - november 20, 2013

Present: Allison Vaughn, Doug Miller, Lori Hagglund, Lottie Bushmann, Bill Mees, Carolyn Terry, Laura Hillman, Eric Seaman, Jan Mees and Alice Robinson.

The minutes from the October board meeting were reviewed. Doug moved we accept as written; Allison 2nd. Passed

Treasurer's report

  • $121 was deposited in the CAS account from sale of scrap metal from Wild Haven.
  • The State Farm CD of $12,000 will mature in Jan, 2014. There was a brief discussion on what to do with the money and it was generally felt that the best option would be to put the funds into the CAS Foundation. Laura moved we do that; Lottie 2nd. Passed.
  • The names on the safety deposit box need updating. Doug moved that the CAS president and treasurer have their signatures for the box. Carolyn 2nd. Passed. Bill Mees and Eric Seaman will now sign for the box.

Bill announced that CAS now has 6 more acres at CANS. Deed is in the safety deposit box. Need to pay the remainder of the year for the property taxes. After that there will be no tax liability due to CAS's tax-exempt status.

Laura reported on the Christmas Bird Count fork Dec. 14. The church has been reserved. Lori and Jan will be working on the details. Will pass a sign-up sheet at the general meeting. There will be a KOMU news story on CBC and perhaps a reporter will accompany a group that day.

Doug reported the 106 members have paid their annual dues. 40 haven't and a few haven't paid in a couple of years.

Bill brought up for discussion the possibility of a half page ad in the Columbia booklet that is available to visitors and new residents. The cost is $795 which the board seemed to think was expensive for questionable exposure. Bill will try to get CANS on the map in the booklet.

Allison would help apply for the Cornell grant "Celebrate Urban Bird Projects" that could help fund Band with Nature. The grants range from $100 to 750.

Mike Szydlowski, CPS Science co-ordinator, constructs science experiment kits for classroom use. Bill suggested the CAS volunteers could help with that. The next time would be late January and Bill will send out an announcement.

Bill formulated an application form with questions and written statements for Hog Island. Since CAS only pays for the tuition, Mike Szydlowski suggested that CPS could pay $200 toward transportation if the teacher would conduct a teacher workshop upon return. There was discussion about limiting the scholarship to CPS since we are partners with them and they are moving toward a nature school. Eric suggested that the application process be open for theaters from all 7 counties that CAS serves. Doug moved that Hog Island scholarship be available to teachers from all 7 counties that CAS serves. Eric 2nd. Passed with one opposition.

There was discussion about the Grand Teton Adventure of CPS and possibly helping to sponsor a couple of teens at $500 each (of the $795). Mike would determine the needy teens. He also suggested that a CAS member could attend but it was felt that it would be better for a teacher to go. Lori moved that we give $500 each for 2 students from CPS to attend the Grand Teton Adventure. Allison 2nd. Passed.

Bill reported that the new plantings around the parking lot at CANS required by the city cost $519.48. Bill planted everything so the labor cost was saved. The board approved spending the necessary $400 to have a tree removed that is over one of the trails. The shed on the newly acquired 6 acres needs to be removed. It was suggested that the Amish might remove it to salvage the material.

Jan needs articles and information for the Chat by January 3, 2014.

There were 36 present for the general meeting where Reed Gerdes and Kim DeVorss shared about their experiences at the ABA Young Birders Camp and Hog Island respectively.

Bill announced the CAS would once again offer scholarship for Hog Island and for 2 needy students to attend the Grand Teton Adventure. CANS has acquired 6 more acres. Will need volunteers to January to help construct science kits for CPS.

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