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Columbia Audubon Society Board Meeting October 16, 2013

Present: Kevin Wehner, Laura Hillman, Lori Hagglund, Howard Hinkel, Jan Mees, CarolynTerry, Allison Vaughn, Doug Miller, John Besser, Bill Mees, Alice Robinson

The minutes for the September 18 meeting were reviewed. Howard moved we accept them as written. Lori 2nd. Passed.

The treasurer's report was also reviewed. Howard moved we accept it as presented. Carolyn 2nd. Passed.

Bill presented information about a proposed gift of 6 more acres adjacent to CANS from Garland Russell. The draft deed would be the same as for the original CANS property. It is mostly field but has one huge oak tree on it. Some is zoned A-1 and a small portion R-1. There is a small 2-sided structure on it that is close to the property line and could potentially be a problem. Bill will meet with Mr. Russell tomorrow to discuss this. Will need to pay property tax for the remainder of the year, but after that we are exempt. Bill recommended we accept the gift. Howard moved we authorize the board to proceed with the acceptance of the 6 acres of land offered by the Russells if all appropriate legal requirements are met.

Doug will explain the strategic plan for CAS to the general membership this evening.

40-50 people attended the Goldcrest field trips in conjunction to the annual meeting. A number of CAS members acted as field guides.

The "Band with Nature" days last week were a huge success. Over 1100 students participated from 49 classes in 14 elementary schools. 14 CAS members volunteered during that time. Our expenses totaled $1900 but there were $690 in donations leaving the remainder for CAS to pay. At the school Board meeting this past Monday, the 2nd grade field trips to CANS were mentioned as an enrichment experience for the children.

On October 11, Allison led a pre-burn field trip to Lake of the Ozarks State Park for River Bluffs Audubon and CAS. A journalism professor will being doing a story on the this for KBIA. She will let us know the date it will air. The post-burn field trip will probably be in May.

Bill reported that CPS is working on a Nature School at Rock Bridge State Park. There will be 4 classrooms of fifth graders. It was suggested that CAS could send these teachers to Hog Island and also provide bird feeders, nest boxes, field guides, etc.

John stated that the clean up projects at Wild Haven continues. The Workshops is cleaned and the dumpster is half full. Would like to get several areas in the woods cleared. Cleo and Eric have volunteered their trucks.

CANS needs landscaping around the new parking lot. The plan has been approved by the city. John will work on the list on plants and try to use as many native ones as possible. Want to get it planted this fall.

The field trip list it in the Chat and also on the web site.

October 25 is the deadline for the next Chat.

Allison announced that there will be a hike and potluck picnic at Ha Ha Tonka State Park at 10 am Friday, October 18. Several agencies are celebrating the fact that there will be no more clear cutting, building, etc. in the park.

There were 24 present at the general meeting.

Bill presented the information about the 6 acre gift of land to CAS. Dolores Clark moved that we accept the land and allow the board to negotiate with Garland Russell in regard to the shed being of R-1 property. Boyd Terry 2nd. Passed unanimously.

D. Todd Jones from Central Hardwood Joint Venture then presented "Bird Quest" on how our management of forests and land affects the bird population.

After the presentation Doug briefly reviewed the strategic plan for CAS and how that might be implemented by the members. Denny Donnell moved we accept it. John Besser 2nd. Passed.

Bill reported on the Band With Nature and also announced that anyone wishing to go around Eagle Bluffs Conservation Area with Vic on Tuesday afternoons should contact Vic.

Meeting adjourned for refreshments.

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