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Columbia Audubon Society Board Meeting. Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m. by President Bill Mees. Members in attendance were Eric Seaman, Kevin Wehner, Lori Hagglund, Lottie Bushmann, Jan Mees, Carolyn Terry and Laura Hillman.

Lori Hagglund made a motion to approve the minutes of the July 17, 2013, Board meeting with a typographical correction. Lottie Bushmann seconded the motion. Motion approved.

Kevin Wehner was introduced as the new Field Trip Chairperson.

Treasurer's Report

Eric Seaman, Treasurer, reported Columbia Audubon Society (CAS) membership dues are being received.

Salvation Army sent a form to CAS for volunteers to work at bell ringing stations during the holiday season. Shifts are for 2 hours anytime between November 9 and December 24, 2013. Members will be asked if there is any interest in participating.

A bill was presented by Kevin Wehner.

Old Business

President Mees mentioned the ad that was placed in the ManEater by Doug Miller was the only color ad in the publication.

Laura Hillman reported on the Parkside Development discussion held at the Columbia City Council meeting. Sara Parker-Pauley, Director of the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (DNR) attended the meeting accompanied by a DNR geologist. DNR comments on the impact of impervious surfaces on Rock Bridge Memorial State Park. Mees thanked Hillman for articulating CAS's concerns about this development and its impact on the future of Rock Bridge Memorial State Park.

Mees asked board members to review the proposed strategic plan and provide suggestions to him and/or Doug Miller. The plan will be reviewed with the membership at the October meeting. The strategic plan is part of our report to National Audubon Society.

New Business

Mel Toellner, owner of Gold Crest Distributors, arranges field trips for his customers who are in attendance at the yearly Expo held in Mexico, MO. Toellner has requested the help of CAS members to lead field trips for 50-60 participants on October 2 to Little Dixie Lake CA and October 3 to Whetstone Creek CA. Please let Edge Wade or Mees know if you can assist.

The Columbia Public Schools (CPS) 2013 2nd grade field trip to Columbia Audubon Nature Sanctuary (CANS) will be held on three consecutive days, October 9, 10, and 11. Volunteers are needed for morning and/or afternoon sessions.

CPS, in conjunction with the University of Missouri, is sponsoring the 2nd Science Sleuth day on November 9, 2013. The board will discuss possible participation at the October board meeting.

Education co-chairs Lottie Bushmann and Lisa Schenker are committed to forming a Young Birders club. They will begin this effort by sponsoring field trips to build interest. The Young Birders Network is an established organization that will help serve as a model for this program.

Kevin Wehner, Field Trip Chair, reported a special field trip will be held on Wednesday, September 25, 2013, to Bradford Farms. Purpose of this special trip is to spot LeConte's sparrows. Trip will be led by Paul McKenzie and Brad Jacobs.

Upcoming dates/locations for field trips are:

  • October 12 – Ozark Caverns
  • October 19 – Songbird Station anniversary field trip
  • November 2 – Runge Nature Sanctuary (joint with River Bluffs Audubon Society)
  • November 16 – Fayette Lakes
  • March 22, 2014 – Eagles Bluffs CA (joint with St. Louis Audubon Society)
  • April 26, 2014 – St Louis – Tower Grove Park

Gold Crest will be holding their annual warehouse sale on October 12, 2013. Members will be notified via email of this event.

Nature Areas

There was a break-in at Wild Haven. A new leaf blower was stolen. Mees, Seaman and John Besser have worked to improve the security of the shed.

Work is being done to clear out the unwanted contents of the storage building at Wild Haven. Recycled metal items were sold and brought approximately $120 to CAS. A dumpster was rented to allow for further cleanup. Yellow visors embroidered with Columbia Audubon Society were found in the shed. Seaman washed them –thank you! (Some were distributed to members during the business meeting.) Visors will be available for gifts or prizes. Boy Scout Troop 707 cut and hauled away wood from a dead tree. The wood is used for a fundraising project.

Mees reported Columbia Audubon Nature Sanctuary (CANS) has a new trail (Scott's Branch Trail.) Trees at the entrance to the CANS parking lot have been cut and stumps not yet removed. Removal of these trees will allow the concrete trail to connect to sidewalks along Cunningham.

Landscaping for CANS parking lot will cost about $1,000.

Columbia Parks Department will replant with native grasses and wildflowers in areas that were disturbed during the construction of the Scott's Branch Trail.

Albert Oakland area has had unauthorized hunting and trapping. John Besser will talk to the neighbor who is being paid to mow some areas of the property.

Christmas Bird Count (CBC) is scheduled for December 14, 2013. A chairperson is needed for the dinner. Eric Seaman will check on the room reservation with Community of Christ Church for CBC dinner. Laura Hillman will continue in her role of organizing team coverage.

Membership meeting was attended by 29 members and friends

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