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CAS board meeting April 17, 2013

Present: Julie Fisher, Eric Seaman, Laura Hillman, John Besser, Lottie Bushmann, Lori Hagglund, Alice Robinson, Doug Miller, Allison Vaughn, Howard Hinkel.

Due to a tornado warning and hail storm, the meeting started a little past schedule. Julie was presiding in Bill's absence.

The minutes from the March board meeting were reviewed. John moved we accept them without change. Lottie 2nd. Passed

Eric presented the budget for next but we won't vote on it until next month. There was some discussion about keeping educational and operational expenses separate.

Doug reported on the new Facebook. About half of users were local and half not connected with CASl. He reviewed the guidelines for Facebook. There was one new donor and a family membership. Some have requested the Chat who aren't members. All agreed that the Chat has been great!

Band with Nature was discussed and helpers reminded to bring lawn chairs. Howard reported that Bill had all arrangements made. Mike S. will decide if they have to cancel because of weather. Need 24 hours to cancel Porta-Potties and the lunch order. Encouraged us to take pictures for Chat and website.

Doug showed us the proposed ad for the Maneater which would cost $180 with 2 colors and be run in the back to school issue. Laura moved we go ahead with this and take the money from membership funds. Howard 2nd. Passed

Laura reported on the nominating committee. For Vice President: Lottie Bushmann, Secretary: Alice Robinson, 3 year term board member: Carolyn Terry, Laura will finish out the final year of Bonnie's term.

It was decided that CAS would not furnish meat for the annual picnic. Alice will check to see if the bathroom at Bonnie View will be ready in time. If not, we will need to make other arrangements.

The Migratory Bird Count is organized for May. Need the State record so we can continue the count. It is no longer on the ASM website.

Lottie reported that arrangements are in place for the teacher to attend Hog Island. Lottie will volunteer this summer. She will lead a youth bird trip in May in cooperation with Songbird Station.

John reported that 13 people attended the bird field trip at Wildhaven. He will get estimates to get the power turned back on before the summer.

Chat articles and information are due by May 3.

Allison reported that she probably got the grants for woodland restoration at Lake of the Ozarks State Park.

There were 18 present for the general meeting. Bill Rowe gave an interesting presentation of the Missouri Birds Record Committee and how it functions.

Julie reminded everyone about the May picnic and Laura presented the slate of officers for next year.

Vic Bogosian made an appeal for help to compile data at Eagle Bluffs Conservation Area. A person would be responsible to count the birds and report the species in a minimum of 5 points. Each would take about 7 minutes of observation.

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