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Columbia Audubon Society Board meeting March 20, 2013

Present: Bill Mees, Laura Hillman, Doug Miller, Allison Vaughn, Lottie Bushmann, Lori Hagglund, Alice Robinson, Howard Hinkel, John Besser, Eric Seaman, and Bonnie Heidy

The minutes from the February board meeting were reviewed and two names were added: Kimberly Devorss, the teacher going to Hog Island this summer and Rachel Navarro who led the Birds in Art field trip at the Art and Archeology, Eric moved we accept and Howard 2nd. Passed.

The treasurer's report was presented and there was discussion about the Jeffry's fund being used for educational purposes. It was agreed the the CD for the Jeffry fund be cashed in and the interest used for Hog Island and Reed for birding camp. The principle will be placed in the Community Fund account. Eric moved we accept this; Howard 2nd. Passed.

Band with Nature will cost approximately $1761. Songbird Station will cover half, other $190 leaving $668 for CAS to cover. !2 volunteer are need for each of the 4 sessions. Only need a few more volunteers. 36 classes have signed up.

Allison talked about CAS partnering with DNR for the MoBCI grant that she applied for for woodland restoration at Lake of the Ozarks State Park. CAS responsibility would be to bird the area in May or June 2014. If she doesn't get the grant this time, she will reapply in Nov. The board had previously supported this through email correspondence.

Lisa Schenker requested funds (up to $100) for a bus for a field trip to Rock kBridge State Park. Allison will check with DNR to see if they still fund such trips. John moved that we fund it if DNR doesn't. Laura 2nd. Passed

There was discussion about possibly funding a capstone project for a Master Naturalist project. It was generally agreed that we probably would not fund this sort of project.

Lottie will volunteer at Hog Island for one week this summer. She will lead a birding field trip for children 6-12 sponsored by Songbird Station to Forum Wetlands May 18. At the end, they will make bird feeders back at Songbird. 37 people were at the Blue Bird seminar.

The trail through CANS is being worked on. Bill suggested that either side of the trail be seeded with prairie restoration seed. Allison encouraged good seed be used. Bill will work with Parks and Rec on that.

It was agreed that we will advertise for the Migratory Bird Count in May. Allison will publicize in the Vox and at the library.

Strategic planning hasn't met yet. Membership increased by 5 this past month. Still considering an ad in the Maneater.

Deadline for the Chat is March 29. Julie will preside at the April meeting. Howard will be in charge of Band with Nature April 23 and 25 at CANS. There will be field trips to Wildhaven April 13 and one at Three Creeks May 18.

There were 41 present at the general meeting. The speaker was Dr. Patricia Hagen, Executive Director of the Audubon Center at Riverlands and director of Audubon Missouri. She spoke of Missouri River restoration using adaptive management. The Missouri River is one of 10 most endangered rivers in the U.S.

Bill requested volunteers for Band with Nature and announced that 11 people were on the field trip to Diana Bend that morning. 8 people attended the Birds in Art Field trip at the Art and Archeology Tuesday morning. Meeting adjourned for refreshments.

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