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September 19, 2012 board meeting minutes

Columbia Audubon Society board meeting September 19, 2012

Present: Julie Fisher, Bill Mees, Lori Haggland, Laura Hillman, Howard Hinkel, Lottie Bushmann, Bonnie Heidy, Alice Robinson, John Besser, Eric Seaman, and Jan Mees.

The minutes from the August 15, 2012 board meeting were approved after minor corrections. (Bonnie moved we accept and Julie 2nd)

Eric gave the treasurer’s report and added that the interest from the money in the foundation will be added monthly instead of quarterly. Howard moved we accept the report as printed, Lori 2nd. Approved with no opposition.

Bill gave an update on the “Band With Nature” which will take place tomorrow at CANS. Bill and Mike S. were on KFRU to talk about the event and the Missourian will do a story. Missouri Naturalist had an article in their newsletter, too. There will be 2 or 3 volunteers from their group. There seemed to adequate volunteer staffing signed up and AP science students from Rock Bridge HS will teach the Quail and Beak stations. Approximately 375 students from Fairview, Russell, Lee and Midway will participate.

CANS – concrete has been poured but not graded yet. Extra dirt may be used by Parks and Rec. or will be hauled away. Bill would like to put a thank you notice in the Tribune to acknowledge the donated services of Crockett Engineering and Sapp Excavating. Bonnie moved we do this; Julie 2nd. Passed unanimously.

Bill also reported that about $9,300 was sent to CAS from the Koster estate in addition to what we have already received.

Bill reported that we will seek approval from the general membership to become a Partner Friend with the CPS Science Department.

Doug will chair the Long Range Planning Committee. Allison will be a member and will seek further members from CAS.

The new CAS brochure will be discussed at the next meeting when Doug can be present. It contains our new mission statement. We had previously only used the national one. As there is no mission statement in the Bylaws (only a purpose statement) they won’t have to be amended.

Eric has compiled and sent the annual report to National. He has requested that everyone keep records of projects, attendance, educational opportunities, etc. and report to him.

Laura moved that we not sell or give our membership list to anyone. Bonnie 2nd. Passed.

Howard moved that we have our November meeting the 14th to avoid the Thanksgiving holiday. John 2nd. Passed

John reported that there would be a work day at Wildhaven October 6 clearing woody invaders from the west meadow. Master naturalists would be involved too.

No report from Education.

Jan requested reports and articles for the Chat.

Christmas Bird Count will be December 15. National will no longer charge the $5 per person. Laura moved not to collect the $5 fee for CBC or for the chili supper following. Eric 2nd. Passed.

General meeting. 35 present. Speaker: Mike Szydlowski, CPS science coordinator gave an interesting presentation o Science in CPS – Adapting to the Future. He also gave a brief overview of the “Banding With Nature” and the organizations involved (CAS, MDC, D of NR, MU, and MRBO) Songbird Station will be a sponsor.

Bill gave a brief report on the Foundation and also explained the Bank with Nature day. He also reported on the Partner Friend program and asked for approval from the membership. We would be involved with any school through the science dept. with as much time and effort as we desire. Denny Donnell moved that we become a Partner Friend. Bonnie called for the question. Passed with no negative sign.

Bill also asked for volunteers for the long range planning committee.

Edge made an announcement about the field trip Oct. 27 and requested that people get their reservation in.

The November meeting has been moved to the 14th.

Meeting was adjourned for refreshments.

Respectfully submitted, Alice Robinson

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